Our Team

Claira Marcus

Claira Marcus is a best selling  Author of Real Viewpoint. She studied English at Chicago University. She particularly interested in public sector. She lives in Chicago. She is published number of articles over the course of her career. Now she works on  Real Viewpoint.

Email Id:  claira@realviewpoint.com

Leon Williams

Leon Williams is most well known editor. He lives in Chicago. He writes stories as well as news related to research. He wrote number of book in his 2 years of career. And out of those books he sale around 6 books. He was more experience in online news writing. Now he is working on news writer on Real Viewpoint.

Email Id: leon@realviewpoint.com

Sam Barrow

Sam Barrow is a best selling author.He lives in California with his wife,a medium sized dog and attack cat.Before Starting writing he experienced with varied occupations computer programming. But his favorite  job is full time writing. now he works as a news writer on Real Viewpoint.

Email Id: sam@realviewpoint.com

Jared Williams

Jared Williams is a editor.He worked as a fiction stories.  He is interested in public sector. He wrote a book of stories and articles. He attained his degree in English from Oxford University. He published 5 books in his course of career. Now he works as a news writer on Real Viewpoint.

Email Id:  jared@realviewpoint.com